LOUIS VUITTON ポルトドキュマン ヴォワヤージュ M53361 business bag monogram canvas tea is unisex


Product information

[management number] 13143022
[item] a business bag
[type] a bag
[brand] Louis Vuitton (LOUIS VUITTON)
[model name] ポルトドキュマン ヴォワヤージュ
[model number ]M53361]
[object] unisex
[color] tea
[serial ]TH10**]
H approximately 30cm x W approximately 40cm x D approximately 5.5cm [material] monogram canvas
[specifications] an opening and shutting type: Fastener
The inside: Fastener pocket x 1, open pocket x 4
[accessories] there is no

State, condition

[state rank] a rank: B
A steering wheel: Change of color
The surface: Small wound, corner スレ

Product rank
N rank New / unopened item
SRank Unused item that has been opened
SA rank No feeling of use, new finished product
A +Rank Extremely beautiful product with only a fine feeling of use
A rank A beautiful item with only a slight usability
A- rank Second-hand good products with no noticeable usability
B +Rank Second-hand goods that have a feeling of use but do not have any noticeable damage
B rank Second-hand goods that have a feeling of use and have some damage
B-Rank Second-hand goods with great usability and noticeable damage
C rank Junk items that need repair or maintenance

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