CHANEL Earring GP x Fake Pearl Gold Ladies


Product information

[Control number] 13152904
[Item] Earrings
[Type] Accessories
[Brand] CHANEL
[Target] Ladies
[Color] Gold
About 28mm x 28mm
[Material] GP Fake Pearl
[Accessories] None


[Condition rank] Rank: B-
Metal part: dirt, rust
Surface: Fine scratches, peeling

Product rank
N rank New / unopened item
SRank Unused item that has been opened
SA rank No feeling of use, new finished product
A +Rank Extremely beautiful product with only a fine feeling of use
A rank A beautiful item with only a slight usability
A- rank Second-hand good products with no noticeable usability
B +Rank Second-hand goods that have a feeling of use but do not have any noticeable damage
B rank Second-hand goods that have a feeling of use and have some damage
B-Rank Second-hand goods with great usability and noticeable damage
C rank Junk items that need repair or maintenance

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