Christian Louboutin Roundfasner Studs/Spikes, 1185063, wallet, leather, Ladies, Redise.


Product information

[Admin Number] 21143049
[Item] Length Wallet
[Type] purse
[Brand] Cristiboutin (Christian Louboutin)
[Model Name] Round Fastener
[Type] 1185063
[Covered] Ladies
[Line] Stazz/Spike
Approximated 9.5cm x W approx. 19cmx D approx. 2cm
[Material] Reza
[Specification] Opening and Closed: Fastener
Inside: Card Pocket x 12, Open Pocket x 2, Fit x 2

State condition

[State Rank] Rank: A

Product rank
N rank New / unopened item
SRank Unused item that has been opened
SA rank No feeling of use, new finished product
A +Rank Extremely beautiful product with only a fine feeling of use
A rank A beautiful item with only a slight usability
A- rank Second-hand good products with no noticeable usability
B +Rank Second-hand goods that have a feeling of use but do not have any noticeable damage
B rank Second-hand goods that have a feeling of use and have some damage
B-Rank Second-hand goods with great usability and noticeable damage
C rank Junk items that need repair or maintenance

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