[Sharp] Sharp Humidifying air purifier plasma cluster 7000 humidification-14 tatami air cleansing ~ 23 tatami preliminary filter KC-F50-C _ air purifier


Product information

[Administrative number] S181923247
[Items] Air purifier
[Type] Home appliances
[Brand] Sharp (Sharp)
[Model name] Humidified air purifier
[Model number] KC-F50-C
[subject] _
[Series] Humidification -14 tatami air cleansing -23 tatami preliminary filters
[Line] Plasma Cluster 7000
[Production year] Made in 2018

, Collection filter, deodorizing filter, humidifying filter

[Description of item]
【specification】 ・ Purification method: "Plasma Cluster 7000" aerial purification & filter purification ・ Applicable floor area (guideline): Plasma cluster -13 tatami / air cleansing ~ 23 tatami / Humidifying room -14 tatami wooden ~ 8.5 tatami mats ・ Waiting power consumption: Approximately 0.4w ・ External dimensions: Width 399 x depth 230 x height 612mm ・ Mass: about 7.7kg ・ Power code length: 1.8m ・ Filter life: 10 years * There is one spare of the dust filter, deodorizing filter, and humidification filter.

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[State rank]
Rank: B+
Surface: fine scratches, threads

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