[ARITA] Arita ware Imari Color Nabeshima Wow Carving Small Bowl 5 Customer Set _ Tableware S rank


Product information

[Administrative number] W182423005
[Items] Tableware
[Type] miscellaneous goods
[Brand] Arita ware (ARITA)
[Model name] Imari Color Nabeshima Oshima Sculpture Small Bowl 5 Customer Set
[subject] _

Storage box

[Description of item]
It is 5 small bowls of Imari Color Nabeshima Wakashi. ・ Size: (approx.) 10 x height 6 (cm)

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Condition / condition

[State rank]
Rank: S
Long -term storage, unused items.

Product rank
N rank New / Unopened item
S Rank Opened unused items
SA rank State without feeling of use, new finished product
A+ Rank A state where there is only fine usage, extremely beautiful goods
A rank Beautiful goods that only have a slight feeling of use
A-rank Used -handed goods without noticeable use
B+ Rank Used goods that have a feeling of use, but have no noticeable damage
B rank Used goods that have a feeling of use and have some damage
B- Rank Large usage and damage that stands out
C rank Junk items that require repair and maintenance

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