[Louis Vuitton] Louis Vuitton Portemonebie bi -fold wallet M61660 Monogram canvas tea 872an engraved snap button Portonebier unisex A+rank

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Product information

[Administrative number] W161724414
[Items] Bi -fold wallet
[Type] wallet
[Brand] Louis Vuitton
[Model name] Porto Monnevier
[Model number] M61660
[Target] Unisex
[Engraved] 872an
[Material] Monogram canvas
[Color] Tea
[Weight] Approximately 93g
[Country of origin] France
[Production year] 1987

H about 10.5cm x W about 11cmx d about 2.5cm
Opening and closing type: Snap button
Inside: Button -type coin purse x 1, billi x 2, card pocket x 1


Condition / condition

[State rank]
Rank: A+Rank

Inside: Fine scratches


The size may be Japanese size.
For used goods, there may be scratches on accessories such as storage boxes.
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