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18 -gold Mikono Mitsuonori Buddhist altar Buddhist altar Buddha bell Suzu K18 Gold Unisex Other miscellaneous goods

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Notice of limited coupon

Today, as the theme suggests With the gratitude of everyday, * For customers who have purchased This is a special coupon gift. Only for t...

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Outer pickup!

hello! It will continue to be hot, but today we have a 2022 trend outerwear I will introduce some of them. ⓵ Beauty silhouette jacket Wit...

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2022 A/Wトレンドバッグ

2022 A/W Trend Bag

hello! If you bring it to A/W (Autumn/Winter) today I will introduce his trend bag! Not only one or two, but there are many, so we will caref...

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Nishikino Co., Ltd. was founded in Kyoto in 1952.

We have walked with the motto of "peace of mind and trust".

We operate "YOSHIKINO" mainly for online sales, over-the-counter sales, on-site purchases, and home delivery purchases.

To now, we have exported to about 50 countries and regions.

We handle a wide range of products, including watches, precious metals, branded goods, jewelry, musical instruments, home appliances, antiques, stamps, and tools.