[Cartier] Cartier Must 21 wristwatch Stainless steel x gold plating silver quartz analog display white dial Must21 Boys

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Product information

[Administrative number] I153105022
[Items] Watch
[Type] Watch
[Brand] Cartier
[Model name] Must 21
[Target] Boys
[Serial] 9011291 **
[Material] Stainless steel x gold plating
[Color] Silver/Gold
[Weight] Approximately 74.2g
[Country of origin] Switzerland

Bezel width: about 28mm
Case: Approximately H34mm x W31mm (including lag, without crown)
Around arm: Approximately 18.0cm
Belt width: about 1.7cm
Case thickness: about 6mm

Movement: Quartz
Display type: Analog display
Case type: Round face
Dial color: White


Condition / condition

[State rank]
Rank: B+Rank / Belt: B+Rank
Body case: Fine scratches, fine scratches on the back cover
Bezel: There is fine scratches
Belt: Fine scratches


The size may be Japanese size.
For used goods, there may be scratches on accessories such as storage boxes.
If you are interested, please ask questions in advance or refrain from purchasing.
If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.
* The Payment Method "Cash on Delivery" can only be selected in Japan.
IF You Choose Cash on Delivery Outside of Japan, it will Be Canceled Automaticlly.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not know in the image.
* We will adjust the size for free.
Please tell us your desired size in advance.
I can't increase the size. Please understand.

Product rank
N rank New / Unopened item
S Rank Opened unused items
SA rank State without feeling of use, new finished product
A+ Rank A state where there is only fine usage, extremely beautiful goods
A rank Beautiful goods that only have a slight feeling of use
A-rank Used -handed goods without noticeable use
B+ Rank Used goods that have a feeling of use, but have no noticeable damage
B rank Used goods that have a feeling of use and have some damage
B- Rank Large usage and damage that stands out
C rank Junk items that require repair and maintenance

If you have any questions or anxiety, please contact us by e -mail or phone before ordering.

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